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This interactive Teacher Community Forum was created to provide all educators the opportunity to tell their stories about what works in our schools, what changes need to take place, and how the teaching and learning process can be strengthened.  Through this Community Forum educators have a place to interact and discuss Teacher Driven Strength-Based Change (TDSBC) topics. 

WHY TEACHER DRIVEN CHANGE?  At the core of the TDSBC process, is a continual search by classroom teachers to improve public education in our school communities. TDSBC is an educational adventure lead by educators with school-community stakeholders to help students find purpose and meaning in their lives.  This search is neither hollow nor random and is designed to help all students, regardless of their circumstances, becomes masters of their own fate.

To that end, TDSBC is a shared responsibility, coordinated by the classroom teacher with the overarching goal of linking the classroom to the student’s day-to-day experiences, their hopes, and dreams. Beginning with preschool education through high school graduation, TDSBC is a developmental process where classroom teachers provide the overall direction and the requisite conditions for small children and young adults to understand that they are the ones that are ultimately responsible for their own learning. Recognizing that teaching, like life itself, is both art and science, TDSBC is both a metaphor and a practical design for improving all schools for all children.

DIRECTIONS: Below are topics which you can reply to by adding your thoughts and ideas.  Tell your story, describe your experiences, and discuss what works in our schools and classrooms.  

You can also create a new Post or Topic for discussion.   Through your participation we will have a vibrant, stimulating Teacher Community Forum where we can learn together and improve the teaching and learning process.  

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