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SVEA SOAR Strength-Based Member Engagement Project

The SOAR Member Engagement Project is an important opportunity for members, leaders and staff to educate, organize and mobilize around the great things taking place in SVEA.  Through strength-based member engagement, members discover new strengths in themselves and their colleagues. Members also view their local association with a new sense of hope and possibility.  Click here to review the Project


Teacher Videos and Strength-Based Hub Groups

SVEA members have the opportunity to document and continue their strength-based conversations with teachers in two important ways: (1) Teacher Videos and (2) Strength-Based HUB Groups. Using social media, SVEA members take a leadership role in showing the practical application of strength-based approaches over problem-centered practices and that change is most successful when it originates with teachers at the local level. 

Member video recordings are a key component of the SOAR Member Engagement Project.  So before we continue, please take a few moments to download the FlipGrip App to your smartphone or tablet.  You can also record a video directly from your laptop or home computer.  

Go to: https://info.flipgrid.com/

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the iPhone/iPad app and the Android app

Here is the link to begin recording strength-based engagement videos

Continue the conversation. When teachers talk to each other, great things happen and when teachers talk to each other about their strengths and positive experiences they become energized and enthusiastic about the future.  And conversations are just the beginning.  Continue your conversation in a Strength-Based Hub Group                                                                                                   

Click here for more information on Strength-Based Hub Groups. 

Click here to see the SVEA Member Engagement Project.