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Region 1 Think Tank Journal   

Overview: Welcome to the CTA Region One Think Tank. Region One is one of four CTA administrative regions. Region One has two teacher Think Tanks: the East Bay and the North Bay. Each Think Tank consists of teachers, committed to improving the teaching and learning process.  IFT Think Tank members are innovators, creators, and most of all dedicated to authentic school improvement. Think Tanks members believe teachers have the requisite knowledge to know what's working in our schools and classrooms and as a result should play a primary role in the school change process.  

From time to time, IFT Think Tank member ideas regarding the future of public education will be presented. Members of the public, including teachers and all school-community stakeholders, are encouraged to provide feedback to the ideas and thoughts presented below.

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East Bay Think Tank Ideas & Reflections

Teacher members of the East Bay Think Tank offer a highly eclectic set of initiatives to improve public education. Each initiative sets the stage for a rich and powerful conversation between and among teachers and other school- community stakeholders.  What do you think?  Add you comments and suggestions.    

  • Bring inquiry based learning back into schools 
  • Take more time to think through issues----talk, discuss, ask for help if needed, build social capital. 
  • Recommend reading  “Missing Link in School Reform”  in Stanford Social Innovation Review 
  • How do principals’ leadership styles impact teachers and students
  • More flexibility in the placement of teachers
  • Discuss ways to maximize teachers’ skills 
  • Generation schools----more people at site have involvement
  • Teachers continually being reassigned grade levels and subject areas
  • Interdisciplinary teams cross grade level with additional minutes in school day for collaboration;  how to create collaborative environment when so much turnover
  • Shortened Weds for discussion/collaboration with additional minutes added other 4 days---voluntary participation 
  • Most successful teams have team leaders who “rise above”----as leaders emerge, facilitation skills needed
  • Everyone  must know their voices are heard
  • Talk about skills that matter vertically
  • Talk about poverty as an actual condition of life