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Think Tanks Overview 

CTA IFT Teacher Think Tanks are being formed around the state to focus on what's working in public education and what changes teachers believe should take place in our schools.  Specifically, think tanks provide teachers the opportunity to voice their ideas on the teaching profession, public education, and the teaching and learning process.  Think tank conversations will build on what’s great about our public schools with the goal of making them even better.  Think tank participants will also have the chance to discuss factors believed to be important to the creation of a culture of success for students. 

Factors Driving Success - The CTA IFT has identified seven factors supporting student success.  Grounded in student and parent interviews, teacher focus groups, and school-community forums, each factor emphasizes strengths over deficits, creating a teaching and learning environment where student, parent, and teacher assets drive the school change process. 

Think tank participants will help the IFT gain valuable information in support of a strength-based approach to school improvement.  The knowledge gained will not only help students but also provide practical examples in support of authentic school change.