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More on Ovation   .   .   .

  • In a spirit of greatness, we offer local associations, “Ovation!” a program that honors the work CTA members do every day.  
  • Ovation! is designed to recognize educators that focus on strengths and work in one or more of the Seven Factors.
  • We are using Ovation template to ensure a high quality of recognition and to provide some element of uniformity in the Ovation! citations.
  • When preparing the nomination, the nominator should identify how the nominee is working in one or more of the Seven Factors. 
  • The design of Ovation! encourages parents, community members and students to nominate teachers in addition to fellow union members to nominate CTA members.
  • While nominations are encouraged from beyond the Association membership, Ovation! belongs to the local chapter.
  • Click below for Ovation! resources.


The CTA Institute for Teaching is attempting to bring a new approach to school change. Based on our Foundation work and discussions with hundreds of practitioners and students, the CTA Institute for Teaching has determined that school change must include two key factors:

(1) It needs to be teacher-driven and

(2) It should be based on what is working and successful in our schools and classrooms.

By focusing on what works in our schools, the Institute for Teaching believes strength-based models for school change add a new dimension to school improvement. The CTA Institute for Teaching believes that greatness already exists in our schools.

Click below for Ovation! resources. 

  • OVATION! Toolkit 
  • OVATION! Nomination Form
  • OVATION! Certificate Sample
  • OVATION! Photo/Video Release for Students
  • OVATION! Photo/Video Release for Members, School Employees, Community
  • OVATION! Association Summary Form