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Equal Opportunities for All Students

We all want the best for our students.  There is no debate there.  The question is what options do we have to achieve a culture of success for all students.  Not, what is the best option but what options can teachers choose.  For too long, there has been only one option: The Deficit-Based Model or Strategy.   The CTA Institute for Teaching suggests there is another option for teachers to consider; an option based on a Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change framework.  The following article illustrates the value of the strength-based approach to achieving equal opportunities for all students.  (Please go to https://strengthbasedhub.org/   to post your comments) 


The focus on the assets of communities—rather than its needs, deficits, or problems—represents an important shift in mindset and practice for people who work with communities on issues of importance (Green & Haines, 2011, pg. 7)   Continue reading. 


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