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Introducing Appreciative Inquiry

Meet David Cooperrider, the founder of Appreciative Inquiry. When David Cooperrider was a doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, he was conducting research into organizational behavior with the Cleveland Clinic. David observed that when interviews focused on the problems at the clinic, his subjects' energy decreased and they felt demoralized. When the interviews focused on what was working, they exhibited increased energy and enthusiasm for their work. (See the video below)

Cooperrider also noticed the same impact on those conducting the interviews. When the focus was on problems, the result of the inquiry was a vicious circle spiraling downward. When the focus was on what's working and what's valuable, the result was a virtuous circle spiraling upward. When I do good I feel good; when I feel good, I do good. Contact the CTA IFT if you would like to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry and how it can be used in the schools.

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