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Welcome to the Gauer Elementary School Workshop

Creating Momentum to Sustain a Strength-Based School Community 

During the workshop teachers (1) celebrated this year’s successes, (2) built on these successes for the following school year, and (3) identified possible strategies for integrating the concept of “grit” into the strength-based learning environment. Teachers were divided into seven group.  During the workshop, teachers posted comments on the topics discussed. The comments are posted below according to teacher group number.  Teachers met at the end of the session to discuss how they will increase momentum to sustain the Gauer School Mission. 


Session One: Celebrating Our Success Through the culture of Success Seven Factors

Teachers used the Seven Factors Driving a Culture of Success as a lens to consider how the Gauer School Mission has been successful this year.  Teachers considered how their success can be carried forward into next year.  Teachers considered possibilities, actions, momentum, excitement, passion.  Each teacher group was given a factor to consider.  Through the lens of the factor, teachers discussed how the Gauer School Mission has been successful this year.  Comments for each teacher group are listed below. 


Session Two: Building Momentum for Success Through Perseverance and Passion

Teachers discussed and considered the practical application of the “Strength-Based Momentum Model” for enriching the strength-based teaching and learning experience.   Specific ideas were posted as comments below.  


Session Three: A Strength-Based Look at Grit and Self-Control 

Grit equips individuals to pursue especially challenging aims over years and even decades. Self-control, in contrast, operates at a more shorter timescale.  Teachers discussed how grit and self-control can be applied successfully in the classroom. Seven critical questions were examined; one by each teacher group. Teacher comments around each of the following question are posted below.

1) How can grit and self-control be intentionally cultivated in classroom? 

2) Are there specific activities or classroom practices that encourage scholars to commit to something they really care about and to maintain their commitments in the face of challenges? 

3) Can scholars be trained to develop greater tolerance for effortful, focused, and not-altogether-pleasant deliberate practice?  

4) What is the relationship among grit and self-control, optimism, hope, and passion?

5) How would you explain grit and self-control to parents?

6) How would you use the “grit quiz” to set the stage for a “gritty classroom?” 

7) How does grit and self-control work together?


Session Four: Enriching the Culture of Success Through Grit

How does grit and self-control enrich the seven factors driving a culture of success?  Teachers were provided a framework which integrates grit and self-control with each of the seven factors.  

Teachers were asked to respond to the following scenario:  You just woke up from a five year sleep.  To your delight, the Culture of Success Seven Factors are fully part of the Gauer teaching and learning experience.  They are pervasive.    Describe what you see.  What stands-out?   Teacher comments are posted below.   


Session Five: Increasing Momentum for Sustaining our Gauer Mission  

Teachers offered ideas on how momentum can be increased around the Gauer Mission and how the Gauer Mission can be sustained.  Teachers considered individual and group strengths and what works.  Teacherswere asked to consider how grit and self-control could increase momentum. Teachers identified three things they could do right now and what commitments they were willing to make.  Their comments are posted below.